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Alexa Person is an Alchemist of Light, hybrid and contactee. Alexa is committed to the service of shifting individuals into higher alignment of their own Divine Male-Female frequency. Guided by her Galactic Family, Alexa assists individuals in accepting Light and Love by releasing negativity, guilt and fear.

Born “awake” and activated with clairvoyant gifts, Alexa is supported by high-density beings including: Archangel Metatron, Yeshua ben Yosef, Enoch, The Magdalen Order, Thoth, Archangel Michael and her Galactic Family. Alexa’s 7th Guide, Ahy, is her ascended Twin Flame. Ahy has remained with Alexa since birth, educating, guiding and assisting her in fulfilling her mission on Earth.

Alexa is a hybrid human contactee. She has spent all of her Earthly life as an “optimum hybrid instrument chosen to participate in experimental collective testing”. Nurtured by the unconditional love and support from her Galactic Family, Alexa used these catalytic experiences, as well as those from a long-term “mission” that took place early in life, to heal and understand the greater overarching design of Unity Consciousness and how to promote this understanding in others.

As an author Alexa shares her very personal, sometimes painful, life story as a way of assisting others in their own awakening. Her story begins off-planet, just prior to birth, with a snapshot of who she really is followed by details of her transition into the body she now inhabits. Her first series illuminates the intense challenges she faces, Earthly and not so Earthly, as she struggles to reconcile her 3D existence with another one born of the stars. Alexa’s journey is one of remaining steadfast to Love and compassion despite all odds. What began as a single book, The Zero Point: A Texas Woman’s Cosmic Journey – A True Story, quickly blossomed into a series, followed by another.

In addition to revealing her truth in print Alexa is also a dedicated professional lecturer. She speaks regularly to groups who have had similar experiences, seek support in awakening and are interested in raising frequency by understanding the cosmos through a journey of recalling Sovereign Divine Balance.

Alexa also maintains a private practice. Embodying the Divine Feminine, Alexa acts as a conduit for healing by allowing Guides to work through her. Based upon her client’s needs, she calls upon a variety of professional modalities ranging from Akashic Records Consultation, Soul Retrieval, Channeling and Energy Clearing.

Alexa specializes in Galactic Soul Lineage and Contactee Trauma. Through the lost tradition of the sacred art of Ancient Alchemy, elemental healing, she empowers her clients to call back their power and experience the unity consciousness threshold between the alchemy of sacred elements and the Higher Self.

Alexa is committed to assisting in the peaceful awakening of the planet by ushering in the Light of Source. By transmuting darkness with Love and compassion, Alexa empowers others to do the same.

“Friction on the Earthly plane results from disconnected energy waves of resistance. Flow there is not. Like energy attracts like. The resistance is strong. Friction exists.”


“Live with Love. Be the message. Show compassion. Be not stiff or guarded, as it does not serve. Show your heart and revel in it.”

-Yeshua ben Yosef

“Stay/remain in your Love energy. Show your heart without fear. This is the practice. Be not afraid to walk in the Light of Love.

You are One with ALL; interconnectedness with ALL vibrations. There are no distinctions. If it already exists, why not remain in flow and express it without regard to outcome? This is the teaching.

Love energy is permanent without end. Unexpressed and unactualized Love stiffles its power. Remain in Love and all is possible.”


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Lets chat! Meet me on FB next week for a Live Q&A.

It's been a busy summer! I've spent the last two months on final edits for my new book, The Zero Point, while simultaneously preparing for the launch of my new lecture series this fall.

I'm almost done but in the interim this event is a great way for all of us to get together. I look forward to visiting with you all soon!

Please email your questions to alexaperson.com. I'll answer as many questions as time permits.

In Love & Light,
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"Aliens, the Quantum Field and the Chaos of Ascension"
Who are we (really) and what is going on?!
hosted by Alexa Person

Facebook Live Event - Free - Thursday, July 27 at 5:00pm CST

Live Q&A
Go to alexaperson.com and send her your questions.
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Alexa Person shared Resonance Science Foundation's photo.

This beautiful image only begins to express the intricate qualities one perceives while traversing higher densities.

As I look at this image I can't help but think back upon my own journey. It was the 70's and there was little or no support for experiencers, especially hybrids - none in South Texas.

I had a lot of questions but no one around me could answer even one. Information was scarce. The internet was decades away and Isaac Asimov's books were my only decoder ring. Even as a young child it was clear to me that the responsibility for stepping into, and realizing, my mission rested squarely upon my own shoulders.

Since I had no one to turn to I braced myself, surrendered and leaned into each experience fully. But it was a very bumpy ride! Some experiences were extremely challenging while others were quite beautiful. Then the unexpected happened. By moving through a slew of insanely catalyzing events I expanded into a hearty share of growth.

Thankfully, information is far more accessible today. And as a result, isolation is becoming an endangered species in this field. I remember the sting of isolation. It was terrible. I didn't want others to suffer as I did so I dedicated my life to the service of others. I vowed to provide that which I could not secure for myself as a child: answers and support.

In Love & Light,
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"Geometry is a visual form of harmony: the harmony of parts with each other and with the whole. The world is composed of diverse and contrasting elements. It is harmony that restores unity to the cont...

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Powerful morning meditation on the rooftop deck with the Tibetan Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery. Pure Light 🌟
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Alexa PersonMandala of collaboration 🙂

2 weeks ago

Alexa PersonA monk, as he walked directly past me, buried his head in the shoulders of a man to my right. As the man regained his posture and met the monk's gaze, the monk smiled a broad smile, one of knowing. This open gesture, eyes meeting after the fact, lit up the room~ the energy of their connection and Love; Love without end that is the ALL✨-we are ALL a fractal. #letgoofego

2 weeks ago

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New Article: "High Strangeness and Insights"
In Love & Light, AP
#Sád #GalacticFamily
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It has begun...I found one of my commissioned art images on a UFO page.

Copyrights exist for a reason and in this case it's about preserving the integrity of an actual being I work with and honoring its frequency.

If anyone is interested in images or information I share, please contact me directly at alexaperson.com

In Love & Light,
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Happy Father's Day to all the fathers!

And I am actually taking a day off, as well. For over three months I've been experiencing an intense chain of events, privately and publicly, that have required all of my time and energy.

Now that this wave has passed, I can focus on finishing Book 1 in my first series, The Zero Point, and getting back to work. I will post my update asap. And I look forward to launching my lecture series, which includes the premier of a new geometry. This geometry is a game changer for those who seek to raise their vibration and understand the cosmos.

In Love & Light, AP
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Alexa Person shared Psychedelic Adventure's photo.

Love this! And Mme Morticia Addams delivers it best!

The illusion of reality, the 3D hologram that the mind continually projects, can tend to cause confusion, separation and judgement=FEAR between individuals because one or the other is functioning within a different octave of frequency (lower).

Love, the highest octave of frequency, dissolves the illusory barriers of confusion, separation and judgement=FEAR. Leaning into love releases the individual from the shackles of fear and into the concept of the "ALL" or unity consciousness.

Hence, by releasing fear, the spider and the fly align in harmony and Love and are ONE. But I'm not referring to the beautiful journey of our 2D spider and fly friends 😉

For the last couple of months this particular theme, reality v. illusion and how frequency, fear and Love play a role, has been surfacing repeatedly all around me. My update, "High Strangeness and Insights" will post soon!

In Love & Light, AP
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The Zero Point: A Texas Woman’s Cosmic Journey
A True Story

It is a deeply personal, often painful and sometimes comical account of my decades-long struggle to reconcile who I truly am with the realities of this Third Dimension.

The Zero Point: the non-localized point of consciousness that is available to usher you forward into your authentic nature despite the best efforts of duality and lower frequencies to hold you back.

“In this moment, I saw my pink vortex shoot straight out and roll to the right and then to the left, but as it did, it did so in a slow motion  ‘drag’. It sped up and slowed down, so I could watch as it travelled through space at each, individual point. The spirals continued separately and then together, finally merging into a circle, a sphere of infinity, of multiverses. This was sacred geometry, the Flower of Life, shown to me in real time using a real energy field. A sacred gift entrusted to me by Mary Magdalen, I was to spread this energy field among this third dimension.”

This is just one of my hundreds of experiences while struggling to reconcile an Earthly existence with another one born of the stars. A winding journey through space-time and time-space, it explores the struggle with duality, positive and negative polarities, fear versus love and ultimately, Oneness. As the narrative unfolds, so to does a cosmic gift of a Divine Matrix and exponential growth from a self-centered state of ego to the realization of a greater mission as an Alchemist of Light and its implications.

The Negative Path is one of control and separation. The Positive path is one of Unity, Love and Forgiveness. And the third path is the Default Path of “no choice”. All have significant ramifications for those seeking the Light. Prophets, Seers, Avatars have all shown the same way: stillness, oneness and Love. But since time immemorial the Law of Free Will reigns.

Book Announcement and Pre-Order Info Coming Soon!


Speaking Events

  • Aug. 28, 2016 - Guest Speaker: Sacred Heart Workshop with Pat Imholte

    Pat Imholte is a spiritual leader and ordained minister. Pat’s practice and workshops center on opening the Sacred Heart through the Christ Consciousness. For more information email: pimholte@att.net.

  • Dec. 4, 2016 - Sponsor: Multi-Sensory Program with Dr Eben Alexander & Karen Newell

    An Unforgettable Evening  with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Eben Alexander and co-founder of Sacred Acoustics Karen Newell at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Antonio.

    7150 West Interstate 10
    San Antonio, TX 78213
    Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Through the Afterlife

    VIP Reception – 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm
    Multi-Sensory Program – 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


  • Jan. 11. 2017 - Book Signing: Happy Happy Hour

    Join me for a festive evening of art and music. I will be available to sign my new book, The Gifts of Grace and Gratitude.

    Art – Vino – Music – Book Signing
    5pm – 8pm

    Cafe Dijon
    555 E Basse Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78209

  • Jan. 25. 2017 - Talk and Book Signing: Pinking of You - All about the Heart...

    Join me for an evening ALL about the heart! I will be discussing my new book, The Gifts of Grace and Gratitude, amidst a dazzling backdrop of art, exquisite jewelry and music.

    More Details

    Pink Champagne – Pink Cupcakes – Pink Art – Pink Jewelry & More…

    Anarte Gallery
    San Antonio, TX

  • March 11-12, 2017 - Two-Day Lecture Series and Sacred Alchemy Event

    Sedona Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ

    Click Here For Event Details

    Admission: $25 Per Evening

  • July 27, 2017 - Live Q&A: Aliens, the Quantum Field and the Chaos of Ascension

    Facebook Live Event

    Click Here For Event Details

    Admission: Free


Alexa’s availability through August 2017 is limited as she is working on final edits of her book, The Zero Point. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, group event or appearance kindly use the contact form below.

Personal: Consultations are 45 minutes and held are held over Skype. The information you receive is confidential and always based in Love and Light. Consultations are recorded and a link to the recording is emailed within 48 hours following the session.

*Please confirm appointment before submitting payment.

$125.00 – 45 mins.

Groups: Group events are customized. Alexa is available for national and international bookings. For more information, please submit a request and a response will be emailed within two business days.

Corporate: Corporate energy work is customized. For more information, please submit a request and a response will be emailed within two business days.


Articles that I write will be below. Click on one of the buttons to view the article.


Working with Alexa will expand your consciousness. From your first contact with Alexa, she will see your big cycle and your little cycles. She sees where you have come from and where your can go with your desires to expand your consciousness. She will give you direction to achieve the best result along the big cycle path.

She sees the little cycles that occurs along the path of the big cycle and she will tell you what is happening that will affect your big cycle path. Working with Alexa Person will expand your consciousness to your desired destination.

B a r t h o l o m e w
Austin, Architect

There is no doubt Alexa is connected to Universal knowledge. Her wisdom does not only come from her own experience, but she channels wisdom from the ages. When seeking her advice, whether face to face or over the phone, she is able to look into my heart and, evidently, it’s history. When she taps into my energy field in this way her ability to help me problem solve is, in a word, remarkable!

Whether I’m having emotional issues or creative blocks, Alexa supports me in a way that demystifies situations that seem complicated. By that I mean, she has a unique and notable intelligence that brings light to confusing, sometimes dark situations. She can break a problem down and put it into context, which then makes it real and understandable. As a result, the challenges of the situation then become solvable.

To go further with my point: There is nothing lofty about Alexa’s manner or analysis – ever. She is present time, all the time. When you engage her, she is there 100%. She’s incapable of being scattered, distracted or unfocused. Her words always have meaning behind them and she never talks about things she has no knowledge of. Her integrity is solid.

I believe Alexa is an angel who’s been sent here to help us make sense of this craziness. She has one foot in this world and one in the unseen. I’m fortunate to have her in my life. The rest of the world is about to be able to say the same thing.

Teel Lunsford
Fort Worth, Creator Pauline’s Smiles and TeelTime

“The journey to the fifth dimension is unimaginable. I have had the blessing of sharing my life with Alexa. She took me there, and empowered me to channel profound consciousness, awareness and connection. My experiences with her are nearly indescribable.

Her journey, and the journey she can guide you through, is wrapped in measures of love, light and kindness that will touch and awaken your soul.

Thank you Alexa for changing my life in so many ways that have been transformational. I will always be grateful, truly so.

And thank you for dedicating your life to courageously and selflessly help others feel and discover the universe we share.

With love and light always,

President/CEO Multinational Conglomerate

Alexa has an amazing gift. You can feel that the source of her gift is divine. I am blessed to be a beneficiary of her work. The insights she has provided me are incredible. Her ability to get right to the root of an issue has been invaluable. I highly recommend a session with her.  It is a great comfort to have information channeled from my parents who have both passed over to the other side.

Mary Devine
San Antonio, Lawyer 

I met Alexa Person about five years ago, at a channeling I was doing at a friends house. She spoke to me afterward and I invited her to my monthly gathering. We have been good friends ever since.

Alexa is confident, honest, friendly, kind and generous. She is incredibly intuitive and visual. She is very knowledge about metaphysics, as well. I would say she has a brilliant mind and a generous heart.

Alexa has a wealth of knowledge in so many areas. She has a wealth of friends who love and support her.

Much Appreciation,

Pat I

As a business owner, I get very weary making decisions. Every minute there is a new decision to make. While at times thrilling, other times your confidence and wisdom can be depleted. Spending time with Alexa puts your thoughts on a different plane. Her luminous spirit, combined with enthusiasm and a positive attitude is invigorating. Her connection to the world of light confirms that our thoughts and decisions are guided by those that loved us, and are still loving us. Our days as living humans are spent dodging and colliding with energies from unseen origins. Alexa can determine the sources or the energies, determine if they are helpful or hurtful, and guides us in making the decision to turn towards them, or to change our path. Alexa is a powerful and transformative healer.

Business Owner
San Antonio

Alexa came into my life when I had lost my will to live. I was very ill, in severe pain, and my father was dying. My illness prevented me from being with my loved ones in “their hour-of-need” — painful beyond words. My self-esteem and self-worth were so low I was ready to end it. I did not feel I had any value and more than anything. I felt like a burden to my family. I was just looking for a way out.

Over a three-month period, Alexa guided me spiritually back to life, literally to a place of “light” as she calls it. I feel like I shine again in a way that has true integrity. The importance in life, for me, is to love others and help those who have less and are in need, especially of love. As a matter-of-fact, love has always been my true essence, only I did not think it had value. Alexa saved my life and spirit — literally. She is a glorious person and being, one I’m privileged to know.

My wings are a bit rusty, but I’m a work in progress. We all are.

Karen Person-Brownfield

Alexa is a divine channel that shines the light on any area that you are seeking clarity on and provides guidance on how to integrate the Channeled soul messages for personal and spiritual development. A true being of light who has beautiful soul gifts to offer and can assist you in remembering your purpose. Her multi-dimensional knowledge of spiritual realms and her loving nature speaks many truths. I have recommended her to my family and friends for a reading as when I got off the phone with her, I felt my body align, restore, and activate a deep remembrance of my service as a steward of creating a peaceful co-existence amongst all beings. Thanks Alexa and I look forward to the evolution of both our journeys!

Krystal Perkins
New York, Intuitive + New Earth Architect


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